For Inspiration on the Move

As an artist, I tend to find a lot of inspiration when I am on the move. Traveling near and far, I always carry a notebook with me so that I can write down my thoughts and musings.

I like to record these on paper. There's something deeply gratifying about having a pencil or pen in hand and writing notes or sketches in a physical notebook as opposed to making notes in my phone.

I came across these delightful notebooks from Public Supply recently and they have become a staple for me. They come in beautiful colors and you can choose between dotted for sketches or lined for notes. They are perfect to throw in your bag when you have a flash of inspiration or a new discovery. Public Supply also donates 25% of their profits to fund creative work in public schools across the U.S., who wouldn’t have the budget otherwise. 

For starters, check out their Ruled Soft Cover Notebook.

~ Suzie