Interview with Designer Louise Roe

I'm happy to introduce you to one of my favorite designers, Louise Roe. Based in Copenhagen, the brand LOUISE ROE was born in 2010. Known for high quality aesthetics and sculptural and architectural values, Louise uses carefully selected organic materials and specially selected tones to create simple yet stunning modern avant-garde objects.

I absolutely adore her designs — and I think you will too.

To learn more about Louise and the meaning behind her beautiful works, read on. She has graciously answered some questions for the Curio blog.

How do art and style inhabit your daily life?

We’re surrounded by different shapes and materials every day, and, somehow, they affect our feelings. I am, in general, a very sensitive and aware person. I feel many layers of emotion and I try to use my sensitivity in a positive way. My mood is affected by aesthetics—therefore, my need to create beautiful objects.

How and when did your brand come to be?

I started LOUISE ROE as a brand in 2010.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in architecture and graphic lines. Both live and in magazines. But inspiration also comes to me from seeing something that is not quite working and wanting to give it a change.

Is your brand rooted to a specific place or time?

Not really. But I’m sure from outside Scandinavia you can see that our culture and nature has affected the way I design. My style is not typical Nordic, but simplicity is still key for me when I make my creations.

How does travel influence your creativity and style?

A lot. I am sure that if I lived in another country with different nature and architecture it would definitely affect my style and mood in a different way.

What drives your curiosity?

The small details. The skills of the craftsman to create something sometimes impossible. I have a huge respect for the craftsman who is able to create my ideas. In general, I love when things are done properly, with high quality. It takes time to get something right. I’m also very interested in the tools and the history behind the works that craftsmen are able to produce.

~ Suzie