One of Life's Greatest Pleasures

Suzie at table

Some of life’s greatest pleasures take place while gathered around the dining table, when we pause to sit down and share a meal with family and friends. This summer, after 18 long months of separation, my parents were finally able to visit. Sitting with them and dear friends around our outdoor dining table made for the most special moments of that visit.

Hours after the dinner and dessert plates had been cleared, we found ourselves unable to leave, surprised at how late it had become. We realized just how much we'd missed the simple act of dining together—what a meaningful part of our lives it is.

We at Curio have been thinking about the dining table a lot. To that end, we have added Tabletop to our assortment. You will find more in the coming months as we continue to add new brands.

For now, we want to introduce you to our newest brand, SABRE, from Paris, France...


SABRE, the french tableware brand, was born of a love story—that of Francis Gelb and his wife and partner, Pascale. 

5 Piece Flatware Set

SABRE is the result of their true conviction: marry utility and pleasure, tradition and the avant-garde, control and freedom. Each place setting is the sum of traditional know-how and unprecedented artistic freedom. By infusing color and motley patterns into tableware, SABRE creates sources of inspiration and emotion. Starting with what is held in the palm of the hand: cutlery.

Teak Serving Set

Because gone are the days when we kept the “nice” cutlery for special occasions and the boring flatware for everyday. SABRE invites us to enjoy ourselves every day, all occasions.

Ivory Rice Spoon