Remembering the South of France...

When I graduated from high school and before I left for university, I had the opportunity to spend two months in the south of France. Immediately, I fell in love with its beauty and charm.

I lived in the hillside town of Le Bar Sur Loup, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and whenever I could, I would explore the surrounding towns, delighting in the people, culture and food. I've travelled there several times since and I always find something inspiring while I'm there. 

This summer while in Maine, I happened to come across these gorgeous vintage olive jars that remind me so much of the south of France. French olive jars originated in a town called Biot, a small potter’s village not far from where I lived that summer long ago.

When it’s safe to travel far and wide again, I plan on bringing more to Curio, along with other antiques and curiosities for you to collect and layer your home with. Can't wait!