THATCH jewelry

Introducing THATCH, a wonderful jewelry line from California. We talked with them about curiosity, creativity and California.

How do art and style inhabit your daily life?
Art and style inhabit every part of our days… from how we arrange our breakfast plates, to the clothing we wear, and of course the jewelry we accessorize with. Mood plays a large role in how we dress and express ourselves, and we have found that living artfully and with purpose makes even the mundane and tedious feel special. We hope our jewelry can elevate a simple outfit and make people feel beautiful, inspired and unique in how they chose to wear it and layer it.

How and when did your brand come to be?

THATCH is going on it’s sixth year in business and was created when we realized there was really a void in the market for quality, design-forward jewelry that was accessible to more women. We wanted to incorporate a strong sense of jewelry with meaning, made by hand and right here in the United States. It is important that we continue to create beautiful, everyday jewelry at accessible price points for a variety of strong, conscious women. 

Where do you find your inspiration?

We find our inspiration in our customers. Strong women, creative women, women with passion and purpose. We find our inspiration from architecture, nature and the night sky. Our inspiration is endless and ever changing…

Is your brand rooted to a specific place or time?
We are a California brand, for sure. We live near the ocean and we are inspired by the ease of the California lifestyle. Surf. Beach. Casual but clean looks.

How does travel influence your creativity and style?
Different cultures and beliefs give our collections incredible depth and meaning. We love to explore everything from the evil eye to the karma wheel, and love to incorporate these bits of meaning into our collections. We are forever inspired by India, Mexico, the Far East and coastal locations both near and far. Our customer is a woman who loves to travel – and this helps us shape our collection in the sense that a simple necklace or earring can elevate an entire look – we love that our customers will always choose THATCH to take along with them on their travels. #thatchtravels

What drives your curiosity?
Gosh, where does it end and where does it begin? The people around us, the world we live in, the night sky, the beliefs and practices of the many cultures around the world – our curiosity is endless. It is our curiosity that gives us all the many ideas we have for future collections and how (and where) we will wear those future pieces.

~ Suzie