Wanderlust Destination: Hudson, New York

To feed my ever-growing wanderlust, I got in my car and drove to Hudson, New York. I love day trips in autumn when you can take in the fresh air and brilliant colors of the changing leaves.

Hudson, NY

We strolled Warren Street which is home to many interesting boutiques and antiques and home décor stores. We then sat down to a delicious lunch at The Maker, a stylish and trendy hotel that pays homage to the many designers and artisans in the area.  

I also had the privilege of visiting the offices of one of Curio’s partners, Hawkins New York, a store I discovered on my very first trip to Hudson. I love Hawkins for the beautiful simplicity of the everyday objects they design.

Aurora Pill Vase

Pictured: Aurora Pill Vase

I look forward to introducing you to some new treasures from Hawkins that will be on the Curio website soon! I hope you love them as much as I do.

Block Throw Blanket

Pictured: Block Throw Blanket

And I highly recommend taking a day trip — it was such a lovely reprieve from the routine.

~ Suzie