Welcome to Curio

Curio Shop is a love letter to travel and collected objects which become treasured memories in the home and on your table.



Throughout my life I have been blessed to have had opportunities to explore exotic places and immerse myself in new cultures. I’m always on the lookout for unusual treasures and objects with which to layer my home. With every trip, my personal collection has grown, and I find myself more at home in my surroundings. When I bring something back from my travels it becomes more than just the object itself—it’s the story of how I came to find it and the memories it holds for me. My intention is to bring you objects inspired by my travels.


May you be well and surround yourself with beauty and joy every day!

Thank you for visiting,

Suzie Jellinek


*The discussion around racial equality has thankfully moved to the center of the national conversation. To show our support, a percentage of Curio sales will go to the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit dedicated to challenging racial and economic injustice and protecting basic human rights.