Zoom What Now by Suzie Jellinek

What Now by Suzie Jellinek


Acrylic on Canvas


About the Artist:

Suzie's passion for painting began in high school during a summer trip to France.  Years later after earning a degree in Anthropology in Canada, she moved to New York to attend FIT.  Suzie drew inspiration from her career in fashion, working for Ralph Lauren and her travels around the world.  In 2005 she quit the fashion world to dedicate herself to raising her family and painting.  

Suzie is curious about color relationships and is inspired by nature.  The relationship to different colors and how they play off each other is what drives her paintings.  The organic nature of the raw canvas and how it accepts the paint makes each experience different and unique.  Suzie plays with color, texture and pattern to evoke an ethereal feeling in each painting.  Suzie's color choices are directed by what is found in nature.  

Suzie's work has been featured in Greenwich Magazine, Rooms with a View Show house,  Darien House Tour "Art with Heart" and resides in private collections.  Her work is also available at RH. She lives in Connecticut with her family.


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